Thursday, 6 April 2017


Last few months have gone really fast. And I´ve tried to get my life back to normal. Now I think it´s finally getting better again, so here I am again!

I watched Disney Channel last weekend, and I saw two really thought-provoking videos from Disney. It was about how parents should encourage their daughters to dream. Seeing these videos made me think. I have always been a dreamer. I´ve had many dreams during my life. I´ve forgotten some of them, but some of them are still things I wanna do. I want to make the world a better place. 

Dreaming isn´t easy. It takes its own time, and energy. Parents should encourage their children more, than nowadays parents usually do. Instead of surfing on internet, spend time with your kids. Show them, what dreaming gives. Imagination is the only limit. everyone needs that. Imagination is necessary for living. 




Thursday, 26 January 2017

ON AN ENDLESS ADVENTURE FINDING MYSELF - what is the meaning of my life?

Who are you? What is your meaning in this universe?  Where do you belong?


This subject is really relevant for me at the moment. I haven´t had courage to be myself. It has taken many years for me to accept myself as the person I am. Now I think I do know who I really am, but still I find new things in myself almost every day.

But how can you find yourself? I think that the easiest way is to do what you really love. My thing is music, and being with children and youths. What is yours?

You should also spend time with those who accept you as you are. It's only a waste of time if you are with someone who doesn't actually accept you and doesn't respect your opinions. They aren´t real friends.

"Have courage and be kind."
- Cinderella

Don´t care about what other people think of you. I know it´s easier to say than to do. But it´s a thing that helps. Practising will be worth it. I promise you.

Few days ago I had to do something what needed courage. Alot of courage. I had to tell our teacher, that some of my classmates were taking drugs. I didn´t know much, I just knew that they were smoking weed. One of they were my friend. Now I´m not the most well-liked person in the class. I never was, but now they really don´t like me. I have only a few friends, but I really don´t care. I´m used to it. And we are studying to be a youth and leisure activities instructors. I did the right thing.

That´s a really good example of caring what other people think. I wasn´t thinking that "if everybody hates me." It was a conscious risk I had to take. 

We all have things that make each of us special. Find your own thing, and be proud of it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


P.S. I´m sorry again about this long break. Now I won´t even promise anything, because I have so many things going on in my life. I have to fix my life before I can truly focus on my blog. I´ll post sometimes when I´ve energy and inspiration. 

Friday, 6 January 2017

BYE BYE 2016 - new chapter of the book we are living in

First of all, sorry I´m late. I promised to post on New Year´s Eve... I didn´t have time or motivation, so now I´m late. Sorry for that. Holiday has kind of ruined my schedule, but I´ll try to fix it, when I got back my daily routines. And also my 16th birthday kind of took all the energy I had...

Today´s the sixth of January. And the time in Finland is already 9.02 pm. So this comes out quite late. It doens´t matter.

2016 is now officially over, and I have to say that it was one of my toughest years. But, in 2016, there were also many happy moments I wouldn´t change. It was a hard year, but today I´m telling you the best things that happened in 2016.


1. Maata Näkyvissä

I wrote about this amazing happening earlier in to my blog. You can go read about it here.

2. New school - Youth and leisure activities instructor

I don´t remember, what have I written about my education. But has been amazing to start studying at Lohja. I love that place and people there. I´ve learned so much about life and myself during fall.

3. England

Last summer I traveled to England with my mom. It was my birthday present (half a year later, because we didn´t want to visit England at winter. First two nights we stayed in a small city called High Wycombe, with our  Last two nights we spent in London, and we visited Harry Potter studio. It was amazing!

4. Disney on ice

No one is ever too old for Disney! Me and my best friend wanted to go, because we are Disney-fans forever! Unforgettable show!

5. Camps

Congrecation and scout... Both had unbelievable camps during last year. So many new friends, so many new experiences! Thank you all <3


1. Gospel music

I can´t thank enough for all those bands who have changed the train of my thoughts with their lyrics. KLS., Herz, Hawk Nelson, Lz7, Twelve24... All of them. You make my days better! 

2. My new class

First I felt like I didn´t belong to the group, but still I can only say that you guys are the best class I´ve ever had. Now we work well together (at least almost always...) and when the spring semester begins, I´m happily going back to school!

3. New friends from the congrecation

I´ve met many new people at camps and events, thank you all!

Those were the best things I´ve experienced last year. And now, last but not least, I want to thank my amazing roommate for being such a good friend to me the whole fall semester. Love you Iida <3! I want also thank a wonderful girl, who I also met this fall at a camp. We have known each other for 112 days, and I couldn´t be more thankful for meeting you. We got along so well already in the beginning of our friendship. It´s amazing! Thank you Maisa <3! Thank you also Anna, and Suvi. Both of you´ve been my best friends few years. I hope you all stay in my life also through 2017.

Welcome 2017, be as good as 2016, or even better!

Happy New Year everyone!!


Yesterday in Kiasma.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


"I´ll always be wearing
my invisible crown.
Just like Cinderella did
before her dreams came true."

A bit Disney themed post this time. Today´s subject is dreaming. I have dreamed my whole life. My dreams have changed maaany times, and some of them has come true. I´ve always thought that dreaming is important. One of my biggest dreams was to get in my present school. Youth and leisure instructor is my thing. Other things I´ve dreamed about are seeing my little sister again (read my last week´s post, if you want to know more), and to be our congregation´s volunteer. I´v also dreamed about visiting in Disneyland Paris and Harry Potter Studiotour London. Almost all of these has come true. Only meeting my sister is still under way.

"I remember Daddy told me
Fairy tales can come true
You gotta make 'em happen
It all depends on you

So I work real hard each and every day

Now things for sure are going my way
Just doing what I do
Look out Boys I'm coming through"

That´s one part of a song, Almost there, from Princess and the Frog. Yes, I think that´s true. You have to work to reach your goals. But you have to also get rest. In the movie Princess and the frog, Tiana doesn´t rest. She only does work, work and work. First at night and right after working whole night she goes to another place. Tiana didn´t have time for friends or her mother, because she wanted her own restaurant so badly. I´ll always remember one good thing that Tiana´s mother says in the movie. "Your daddy may not have gotten the place he always wanted, but he had something better. He had love!" Tiana´s father´s biggest dream was to get his own restaurant, but he died before that. But he didn´t need a restaurant, because he had loving family. That was all he needed.

Fairytales can come true with hard work. But those can also come true if you have courage to pursue them. And you have to remember that even if you want something, you have to also hold on what you already have. Friends, family... You can reach your goal, but remember to share it with your love ones.

Our dreams can come true, when we are ready for it. 

Dreaming is never bad. Imagination can take you away from this world. But if you lose realism, it´s not good. Keep on dreaming and try to set yourself realistic goals. That´s how you can go far. 





Tuesday, 6 December 2016

RESPECT AND BE THANKFUL - why does anybody need a compliment?

I have been thinking this subject for a really long time. I think people aren´t thankful enough of everything they have. We are surrounded by good things in life. Still everyday all we hear is that constant complaining about everything. If something is not the way you want it to be, it means everything is wrong and the world is against you. But when you actually think about your life, you always have something that makes you feel happy. Maybe it could be a family, friends, a pet, education, food, nice weather... You´ll always find something nice in every day.

I learned to live in a moment, when my dad moved into China. Before that, I always complained about spending time at his patchwork family´s apartment. We never did anything else than just played with our phones. I were there every other weekend with my little sister and little brother. I didn´t even realize how short time I had for spending time with my youngest little sister, who lives in China now. She was one and half when they moved. Now she´s four and half. It´s been three years without seeing each other, and she don´t even know who I am. All the time I am scared of what could happen for her, because I really think that China isn´t the best country for little children. Or anybody. But still I won´t give up on dreaming that one day I could meet her and get to know her. I´ve already lost too many years of her childhood. 

That´s maybe the biggest thing that has changed me. I´m really thankful of everything my mom has done with me. She has spent so much time with me and done so many great things with me and my siblings. We have traveled, We´ve watched movies. My mom has taught me so many things. I´ll never forget it. My dad´s moving changed me and thought me to hold on things I have, before it´s too late. 

Now I stress so much of school, that it´s hard to think about good things in life. But it´s not impossible. There are many things I´m happy right now, I´m studying what I really love, I´ve loving family, I´ve good friends and amazing roommate at student halls, I´m going to France at summer, soon is christmas and my birthday and then is 2017. Many things that I should be thankful of. Maybe I don´t have my little sister here right now, but she´s in my heart and one day I will meet her again. A glimmer of hope is alive. 

Sometimes you could only say "Thank you for being in my life" for a person you are happy to have in your life. Instead of having arguments, what if you say thank you? What makes it so hard? Thank you are words that shouldn´t be saved only for rainy days. You should say it always, when you are at least a bit thankful. No matter how small thing it is. If life gives you lemons, you shouldn´t throw it back and scream that you wanted cupcakes. Instead of that you should say thank you, because at least you got something. Someone else could have hoped lemons and got nothing.

What things can you be thankful of? 
Hold on what you love before it´s too late. 


P.S. Yes, I´ve tried to call dad at Skype, but it doesn´t work really well over the oceans and I really don´t want to talk with him. Talking with him only causes me pain. All I want is see my little sister again. Maybe some day... 

P.S.S. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 99 YEARS OLD FINLAND!! So much respect for them who have fought for our country! It was worth it, and now we can live in our beautiful, independent Finland.

All of us has hope!


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

GOSPEL - my way to faith

Maata Näkyvissä -festival

Have you ever heard about Maata Näkyvissä -festival? It´s the Nordic countries biggest gospel festival and it´s in Finland. This year it was last week´s weekend. I think you have heard about some bands that have been performing there. For example LZ7, Twelve24 or Hawk Nelson. Maybe you haven´t but I suggest them for you.

Gospel music has changed me really much. It has brought me to faith and it thought me to accept myself. I didn´t want to accept I´m believing in God, before I found gospel. And after that it took a little time. Gospel music taught me that it´s okay to believe and if my friends don´t allow me as I am, they aren´t real friends. 

I found gospel music after my confirmation camp, when I started to be more involved in congregation´s events. Before that I didn´t want to talk anybody abouth my faith. My friends didn´t believe, so I thought that it´s not okay. I was bullied in primary school, not because if believing but for another reason I don´t actually know. I didn´t want to take a chance to be bullied again. When I started to be in events, I started to listen to gospel. And then I started to accept myself. But still I didn´t want to admit my faith. Half year later, when I talked about believing with some of my friends, I decided I can´t hide it anymore. I´m ready. Then I told them. I think some of my friends still don´t know about this fact, but I don´t care if they find out. I´ve decided to be myself. 

Few months ago I found my favorite gospel band. It´s a Finnish band called Herz. Herz´s songs are in Finnish. They have taught me so much. If someone´s songs has changed my train of mind, it´s them. At Maata Näkyvissä -festival I finally met them. I was so excited. It was amazing. After meeting them I was so happy. One of my friends almost got fed up with me and my other friend, because we only jumped all the time (not really, he was only joking). The happiest part of this is that we didn´t only met them at their meet&greet. We saw them also few times after that and went to talk to them. My dream came true. They also remembered us after first time. 

After festival when we were going home, we read an article about the singer of Herz. It made me value her so much more. Then I also sent messages for the singer and the basist, ´cause they were the guys we talked with. We thanked them about weekend and about that they have been in so big part in my life. They answered and I felt so happy. They also liked my Instagram-pictures and I almost started to cry of happiness when I saw it.

Yeah, I´m kinda fan girl. Embarrassing... Not really, not shamed of it! So much respect for Herz!!

After Herz I found KLS. and Hawk Nelson. If you don´t understand Finnish, you should listen to Hawk. It´s also an amazing band! I love their song that´s called Drops in the Ocean. 

I listen also Hillsong and many other bands, but because Herz has been the most important, I decided to write only about it. If I wrote about every gospel bands, this post would be reeeeeally long. It´s already, so maybe I don´t make it any longer...

I add some hyperlinks so you can go listen to some of my favorite bands.

Have a nice week everyone!

Me and my friend with Herz.

Listen to Herz here.
Listen to Hawk Nelson here.
Listen to LZ7 here.
Listen to Twelve24 here.
Listen to KLS here. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Hello and welcome to my new lifestyle blog!

I´m a fifteen-years-old girl from Southern Finland. I study in youth and leisure activities instructor education. I´m social and I love to help the others. I love to do a lot of charity work. Always when I find out of some project, I try to join and do my best to help the disadvantaged. My mom has always motivated me to help the others if someone needs help. She is definitely the most important person for me in this Universe and I´m so thankful of all those thing she has taught me.

I´m sorry if I can´t speak English so well or if I write something wrong, but I´ll try my best!

Things I´m going to tell in blog are surrounded on faith, helping others, music and everything I think that are important for me. Everything that are somehow connected on my own life.

Yes, you read right. On faith. I am a Christian. And I do believe. I´m the only one in my family who does, but I don´t think that´s bad. I think I am going to write a lot about gospel music, ´cause it has changed me so much as a human.

Disney is also a thing that has changed my train of thought and I´ll write about it too. I´m actually a Disney-fan, so you´re probably going to read a lot of that, but I try to keep it as down as everything else.

Next post is hopefully coming next week, see you then!


Yap, that´s me :)